Premium Choice

About Premium Choice:

Premium Choice is a fast expanding Encino, California firm. Premium Choice is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and assistance in acquiring affordable and reliable insurance. This is our specialty: life and health insurance. We help our clients find better solutions, saving them time and money.

Our seasoned and experienced employees form an exceptional team that seeks to suit our clients' needs. Good isn't enough for us. We strive to be the best at all we do, from client education to employee development. This zeal for what we do fuels our devotion and humanity. Premium Choice cares about its workers' personal and professional growth.

Our personnel are vital to our company's long-term development. In addition to our strong retention rate, we strive to help our employees create long-term careers. An agent may be in charge of:

Describe the features of several health and life insurance programs, including Medicare. On enlightens and enrolls people in the best health and life insurance plans

Premium Choice employees motivate you to improve because they are skilled, kind, and trustworthy. If you are a professional that cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to serve them.

Our Remote Sales Team Can Help! We are a successful insurance agency in California. By year's end, we hope to have 1000 home-based agents. We specialize in finding affordable and reliable coverage. Our agents must be reliable.

At Insure Choice, we've found that top producers thrive when most marketing and administrative tasks are assigned. Selling insurance over the phone can show an agent's productivity as a TOP PRODUCER.

What we offer independent agents is unmatched in the life insurance industry, we feel. Our purpose is to help our agents achieve their goals while providing excellent client service!

Educating and growing A career with IBM offers infinite chances for growth and development, including cutting-edge training and mentoring. We matter. Daily. Clients feel safe, appreciated, and respected.

Tech support. We've always offered remote technical support. Visionary leadership This is our management team's commitment to you. We need both. You'll never have to guess how you're doing. Employees and management regularly assess performance and growth.

Flexibility. We allow you to work from home. Saving time on a long commute improves work-life balance and extends days. Our Way. We support a diverse workplace that fosters achievement. We're seeking for people who share our passions.

Our Gains On top of that, we will take care of your licensing so you can submit business in many states. It's our corporate duty. We understand the potential and responsibility that comes with being a market leader in insurance.